Privacy Policy

Our confidential information is a valuable asset that plays a critical role in our business success. Confidential information is information that is not readily available or generally known to others.
The following are examples of our confidential information:
- our business plans, budget and strategic plans, sales and marketing plans and programs, sales figures and other financial information,
- our technical know-how and information about research and development,
- information about business transactions, including acquisitions, divestitures and licensing activities,
- personnel file information or information about employment, contractors and temporary employees; succession planning impacting other employees and information about future management changes or future reorganizations or restructurings.
Confidential information may be recorded in many ways, including written letters, memoranda and drafts on paper, and also on film, video, audio and electronic media such as computer data. We protect our confidential information against unauthorized access and inappropriate disclosure, and we take precautions to protect it from damage or loss. We protect our proprietary intellectual property through patents, copyrights and trademarks and by guarding our trade secrets from disclosure.
We behave ethically with respect to confidential information belonging to others. We refuse to accept another party’s confidential information except under appropriate circumstances, such as pursuant to a confidentiality agreement in connection with evaluating a proposed transaction with the other party or confidential customer information that is entrusted to us. When we do receive confidential information from others, we safeguard its confidentiality by complying with applicable laws and any applicable confidentiality agreement. We do not discuss confidential information about customers with third parties or others who do not need this information in connection with the conduct of Company business. Misuse or unauthorized disclosure of confidential information is cause for disciplinary action, including termination.
If you are not sure whether someone is authorized to receive information, or any other information is confidential and must be protected, ask your supervisor. If you are asked for information about current or former employees, refer the request to the Human Resources Department.