General Terms & Conditions



Section 1 -  Conclusion of Contract
1)All offers are subject to change and non-binding.
2) Price lists, newsletters, brochures, and other product descriptions that form part of the offer shall not be deemed to constitute any agreement or guarantee of corresponding quality or durability of the products.
3) We reserve all ownership, copyright and other intellectual property in all tender documents, in particular illustrations, drawings, calculations, brochures, catalogues, models and samples. Such documents are not permitted to be disclosed to third parties.
4) Orders shall become binding only when confirmed by issue of written order confirmation.
5) We shall be authorised to withdraw from the agreement, in whole or in part, if the customer applies for insolvency or comparable proceedings concerning its own assets or if a legitimate third-party request for the initiation of insolvency or comparable proceedings concerning the assets of the customer is rejected due to lack of assets.
Section 2 - Scope of Delivery
1) Our written confirmation shall be decisive with respect to the scope of delivery. Any changes made by the customer to the scope of delivery require our written order confirmation.
2) Partial delivery is permissible.

Section 3 - Terms and conditions of delivery
1) The date of delivery of goods is the date of registration of goods by the customs authority in the customs control zone, subject to the provision of all documents under the contract.
2) The goods must be sent to the address specified in the contract.
3) Delivery of goods must be accompanied by the documents specified in the contract.
4) Delivered goods and invoices must comply with the Specifications to the contract on the name of the goods, its quantity (volume), assortment, catalog numbers, the name of the manufacturer (manufacturer), units of measurement, unit price, total cost and other data contained in the contract and Specifications.

Section 4 - Prices, Payment, Default in Payment
1) Unless otherwise provided in the order confirmation, all our prices are ex works. Freight, packaging, insurance and assembly will be charged separately.
2) The minimum order value is EUR 30.00.
3) Our prices include VAT at the statutory rate; VAT shall be charged at the statutory rate applicable on the invoice date.
4) In the case of long-term contracts, we are entitled to demand the following payment modalities: 50%  down payment upon order placement, 50% final payment upon delivery; 100 % down payment.
5) In the case of default of payment, the customer shall be required to pay a fine upon the terms of the contract.
6) Should we become aware of circumstances that call into question the creditworthiness of the customer, all deferred debts shall become due immediately.
Section 5 - Warranty Claims, Damages
1) We shall not provide compensation for natural wear and tear. Nor shall we accept any liability for damage attributable to unsuitable or improper use or excessive use, in particular failure to observe the instructions for use enclosed with the device or stated on the device. In addition, if the customer or third parties perform improper maintenance work or alterations, we shall not be subject to warranty claims for these and any resulting damage.
2) If the purchase item or work is defective, we shall supply a new, defect-free product or producing the repair. In the case of remedying defects in guarantee period, we shall be required to bear all costs incurred in order to rectify the defect, in particular transport, journey, labour and material costs.
3) Unless otherwise agreed, the statute of limitations for warranty claims under sales contracts is 2 years on equipment and 1 year on instruments and consumables.