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NEWM is a Group of partner companies joined under the idea to deliver high-end technology in medicine. The NEWM Group is focused mainly on supply, service and legal control for medical products to the different markets. Having offices in Ireland and Belarus we are doing the best logistic and stability for even better Customer support. ​Combining our experience in marketing and service with our deep knowledge of financing, we are able to offer individual solutions for hospitals and patients.




Why us?



Every single product is assisted with the high EDUCATION of technology we offer in order patients and doctors feel even more confident in using it.


Strong MARKETING and promotion is on of the key benefits we do for the best recognition and understanding of the products we offer.


Being cash independent company we are able to provide best FINANCING nearly all types payment conditions to our Customer and Partners.


Every product we offer has several steps of internal REGULATORY control and all necessary legal documents to be even more save before we start to offer it.




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K.Chorny str. 25-135, of. 4, 

220012, Minsk, 

Republic of Belarus   
Tel.+375 17 3223434 

Fax: +375 17 3224343






NEWM Limited


Mount Carmel, 

11 Mourne Avenue, The Glen, 

T23 V3F4 Cork, Ireland     
Tel. +353 (89) 600 0945 

Fax. +353 (21) 239 2338